I am an engineer in love with the intersection of technology and entertainment.

My name is Pol Jeremias and I am originally from Barcelona. Today, I live (and love) in San Francisco.

I graduated from University of Southern California with a Master’s in Computer Science and I have sometimes written articles and presented at conferences. I was part of the team working on Star Wars 1313 and The Force Unleashed 2 at LucasArts, after that, I spent two years working on a gaming startup, and currently, I am part of the GPU team at Pixar Animation Studios where I worked on multiple films including Finding Dory, Coco and Incredibles 2. More recently I worked on Hydra (our real-time renderer).

I love all things related to technology, entertainment and human behavior. I spent my nights and weekends working on Beautypi and Shadertoy. When I am not coding you will find me running, reading or watching movies.

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+ Lead Graphics Engineer, Pixar Animation Studios. California, USA. (current)
Co-founder, Shadertoy. California, USA. (current)
Lead Engineer, SoMa Play Inc. California, USA.
Graphics Engineer, LucasArts. California, USA.
Visiting Researcher, University California Irvine. California, USA.
Graphics Engineer, Digital Legends Entertainment / FUNITEC La Salle. Barcelona, Spain.


+ Director, Virtual and Augmented Reality, SIGGRAPH 2018. California, USA. (current)
Director, Computer Animation Festival, SIGGRAPH 2017. California, USA.
Chair, Real-Time Live!, SIGGRAPH 2016. California, USA. Video


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VR Village. SIGGRAPH 2016.
Immersive Realities (AR/VR) Contest. SIGGRAPH 2015.
Real-Time Live!. SIGGRAPH 2015.
Real-Time Live!. SIGGRAPH 2014.
Intel University Games Showcase. GDC 2014.


University of Southern California. M.S. Computer Science.
Universitat Ramon Llull, La Salle. B.S. Multimedia Engineering.
Scrum Alliance. Certified ScrumMaster.