I am an engineer in love with the intersection of technology and entertainment.

My name is Pol Jeremias and I am originally from Barcelona. Today, I live (and love) in San Francisco.

I graduated from University of Southern California with a Master’s in Computer Science and I have sometimes written articles and presented at conferences. I was part of the team working on Star Wars 1313 at LucasArts, after that, I spent two years working on a gaming startup, and currently, I am part of the GPU team at Pixar Animation Studios where I worked on Finding Dory, Cars 3 and more recently on Hydra (our real-time renderer).

I love all things related to technology, entertainment and human behavior. I spent my nights and weekends working on Beautypi and Shadertoy. When I am not coding you will find me running, reading or watching movies.


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Pol Jeremias
Barcelona, Spain
current city  San Francisco, USA

NOTE: This is NOT a full resume, for more information please check my Linkedin or say hello.


Senior Graphics Engineer, Pixar Animation Studios. California, USA. (current) 
Lead Engineer, SoMa Play Inc. California, USA.
Graphics Engineer, LucasArts. California, USA.
Visiting Researcher, University California Irvine. California, USA.
Graphics Engineer, Digital Legends Entertainment / FUNITEC La Salle. Barcelona, Spain.


Director, VR / AR, SIGGRAPH 2018. California, USA. (current)
Director, Computer Animation Festival, SIGGRAPH 2017. California, USA. (current)
Chair, Real-Time Live!, SIGGRAPH 2016. California, USA. Video


GTC 2017. Advances in Real-Time Graphics at Pixar. California, USA.
SIGGRAPH 2016. Real-Time Graphics for Film Production at Pixar. California, USA. Video
FMX 2016. Painting with Code. Stuttgart, Germany. Article1 Article2 Video
GPU Technology Conference 2016. Real-Time Graphics for Film Production at Pixar. California, USA.  Video
GPU Technology Conference 2016. Discovering the New Frontier of Shadertoy. California, USA.  Video
SIGGRAPH 2015. Shadertoy Workshop. California, USA. Article
GPU Technology Conference 2015 and SIGGRAPH 2015. From the Web to Virtual Reality. California, USA. Video Presentation 1 – Video Presentation2
SIGGRAPH Asia 2014. Learn to Create Everything in a Fragment Shader. Shenzhen, China. Article
SIGGRAPH 2014. Shadertoy Hackathon. Vancouver, CA.  Article
GPU Technology Conference 2014 and SIGGRAPH 2014 NVIDIA Visual Computing Theater. Shadertoy : Do You Know What a Fragment Shader Can Do?. California, USA. Video Presentation
SIGGRAPH 2013. Shadertoy : Live Coding for Reactive Shaders. California, USA.  Article
SIGGRAPH 2012. Beauty : Real-Time Visuals. California, USA. Article
Eurographics 2006. Solving Local Reflections. Vienna, Austria.

More Talks

University of Barcelona / ENTI. “El Meu Cami a Silicon Valley” / “My Road to Silicon Valley”. Barcelona, Spain.  Pictures
Ramon Llull University. “Jo Vull Fer Jocs” / “I Want To Make Games”. Barcelona, Spain.


VR Village. SIGGRAPH 2016.
Immersive Realities (AR/VR) Contest. SIGGRAPH 2015.
Real-Time Live!. SIGGRAPH 2015.
Real-Time Live!. SIGGRAPH 2014.
Intel University Games Showcase. GDC 2014.


University of Southern California. M.S. Computer Science. (link)
Universitat Ramon Llull, La Salle. B.S. Multimedia Engineering. (link)
Scrum Alliance. Certified ScrumMaster. (link)

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