Crowd-Sourcing to Crowd-Solve Healthcare Issues

by Pol Jeremias on October 18, 2014

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Elliot Kotek is the co-founder of Not Impossible Labs, a company that crowd-solve healthcare issues using crowd-sourcing. During his keynote at Siggraph 2014 he introduced several of their projects (including Project Daniel), but more importantly he showed everyone how to really change lives with technology.


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Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary is out!

by Pol Jeremias on October 15, 2014

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I am happy to announce that Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary is available for free on the App Store for iPhone/iPad . This is a very special moment since it was the first game we worked on at SoMa Play when the company started back in 2013. The game was developed using Unity , a cross-platform game engine/platform/editor.

Download it here:


Shadertoy Hackathon @ Siggraph 2014

by Pol Jeremias on September 24, 2014

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For the second time ever we (Beautypi) hosted a Shadertoy Hackathon, this time it was part of the official Siggraph 2014 program. The theme for the hackathon was to make something with “spheres” or “circles”.


The winner was “Total Noob” by “dynamite” :

Second prize : “PlasmaBall” by “kaspard” :

Third prize : “sphere” by “hughsk”:

Here are some pictures from the day of the event:

11277_358664280947213_8910673700752318717_n 2014-08-12 11.05.11 2014-08-13 10.40.04 ShadertoyHackathon2_ST1_FRONT

For more information :

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Tetris® Ultimate @ E3 2014

by Pol Jeremias on June 20, 2014

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Tetris® Ultimate, the second game we are working on at SoMa Play, was shown at E3 2014 for first time. Here are some pictures :

Bpt94jxCcAAaSF8     BpzKJdSIEAEskRZ     bg-logo    DSC02781

And here is the teaser trailer :

And some gameplay :

Check out our website for more information :

Shadertoy @ GPU Technology Conference 2014

by Pol Jeremias on April 1, 2014

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This year we (Beautypi) were really fortunate to be able to speak at the GPU Technology Conference organized by NVIDIA in San Jose, CA. For this conference we put together a new talk related to Shadertoy, our talk focused on what people have done in our website over the last year.

The talk was called “Shadertoy : Do You Know What a Fragment Shader Can Do?“. Here is the abstract of our presentation.

[…] we are going to walk the audience through Shadertoy and some of the most innovative, artistic and creative GPU algorithms that our community has been developing over the last 6 months. This includes shaders employing raymarching, procedural texturing, modeling and animation, fractal geometry, image compression and volumetric rendering.

Watch the full talk here: