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Spherical Harmonics Lighting

This was my first final year degree project, it was advised by Professor Oscar Garcia-Panyella from Universitat Ramon Llull.

My thesis describes different strategies based on mathematical functions related to the Spherical Harmonics theory to get a valid approximation when creating lighting effects in real-time. Some of the algorithms developed are Spherical HarmonicsPrecomputed Radiance TransferIrradiance Environment MapsSpherical Harmonics Coefficient Compression and Irradiance Volums.

The algorithms are absolutely functional with an associated low cost when using GPU hardware.



When? 2006
Who? Created @ Universitat Ramon Llull
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comparativa-none-sh-prt compressio-4096-clusters demostracio-final


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Welcome back

by Pol Jeremias on September 17, 2013

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Today, September 17th 2013, I have started rebuilding my website.

Two years after my last update, here we go again. I have plenty of topics I want to talk about, and I am really excited to be back in the digital world.

I have rebuilt the Portfolio section as well as the About. Expect the first post by first week of October, until then, see you soon!


I am an engineer in love with the intersection of technology and entertainment. My name is Pol Jeremias and I am originally from Barcelona. Today, I live (and love) in San Francisco. I graduated from University of Southern California with a Master’s in Computer Science and I have sometimes written articles and presented at conferences. I was part […]

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