Thanks and Good Luck ENTI

by Pol Jeremias on November 6, 2014

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After two years, I decided to visit Barcelona this past October.

When I visit my hometown, I always try to see friends and family. Also, I try to check out companies and projects that are being developed there. One of my friends that I respect, and that I wanted to meet was Oscar Garcia-Panyella. He had recently joined ENTI (Escola de Noves Tecnologies Interactives) to start the first video game degree in Barcelona. Congratulations for this achievement!

He invited me to give a talk while I was there, which I gratefully accepted. The talk was great and now that I am back in San Francisco, I wanted to take a moment to thank Oscar and ENTI for the opportunity. I truly hope you enjoyed my talk “Cami a Silicon Valley”. And, even more importantly: I am truly excited to see what they will come up with.


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