Three Seconds A Day

by Pol Jeremias on November 23, 2014

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During last year I recorded 3 seconds of my day, every day. And, just recently I have made a video putting it all together.

I took the idea from Cesar Kuriyama‘s TED talk and change it around a little bit, so instead of one second every day I have played with the idea of giving a bit more context and storytelling by adding a couple more seconds.

In the video, you will see many of the changes that occurred to my life from April 2013 to April 2014, including the shutdown of LucasArts and the beginnings of SoMa Play (including the development of our first two games Tetris Ultimate and Boulder Dash). During this period of time, I also met my girlfriend and I turned 30! Finally, you can also see a sneak peak of Beautypi‘s next project and lots of Shadertoy.

And many, many, good times with all my good friends.

If you feel your life is passing really quickly, take a moment to record your special moments because many (many) great things happen every day!

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