Shadertoy: From the Web to Virtual Reality


What is beyond the web? In this talk the creators will cover how Shadertoy has changed and evolved over the years. The website started as a small community to create and share procedural shaders, growing to host more than 4000 creations, evolving overtime to a playground to create sound from the GPU, and finally transition to virtual reality. Join the Shadertoy team for 25 minutes of live-coding, gpu generated music, procedural visuals, virtual reality and Shadertoy, lots of Shadertoy.

GPU Technology Conference ‘15
Pol Jeremias Vila
Pol Jeremias Vila
Computer Graphics Leadership

Pol Jeremias Vila is a computer graphics engineer. He is currently leading rendering at Netflix Games Studio Blue. Previously, he led the development of projects such as Hydra (part of USD) and Storm at Pixar Animation Studios. Additionally, he is a co-founder of Beautypi LLC, creators of and (acquired by Mmhmm Inc).