Real-Time Graphics for Film Production at Pixar


Join the Pixar GPU team for a session that explores how real-time graphics are used at Pixar. We’ll cover the unique needs for film production, including loading and run-time management of massive movie sets and complex characters, real-time subdivision surfaces, real-time effects particularly useful for technical directors, and how these assets are rendered using the latest hardware features. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn about graphics, algorithms, and movies!

GPU Technology Conference ‘16
Pol Jeremias Vila
Pol Jeremias Vila
Computer Graphics Leadership

Pol Jeremias Vila is a computer graphics engineer. He is currently leading rendering at Netflix Games Studio Blue. Previously, he led the development of projects such as Hydra (part of USD) and Storm at Pixar Animation Studios. Additionally, he is a co-founder of Beautypi LLC, creators of and (acquired by Mmhmm Inc).