Beauty: Real-Time Visuals


Visual performances such as those seen in exhibitions, mu-seums, and night clubs should take advantage of advanced rendering technology to create the most immersive experience possible. This project achieves immersion by merging three principles: reactivity, visual quality, and interactivity.Reactivity adds dynamism and links visuals with the music, as opposed to the classic approach of pre-recorded content. Most of the event can be left to improvisation (through different input devices like MIDI controllers), letting the performance flow seam-lessly with the music. Visual quality (landscapes, colors, textures, and shapes) is mostly created procedurally in real time. There are no pictures or recorded footage, so every aspect of the imagery can be changed as needed during the show.Finally, the audience can interact with the show, making them feel part of it. The interactivity is achieved with mobile devices, 3D cameras, and standard cameras. Each show is unique, because the artist can write code in real time during the event.

SIGGRAPH ‘12: ACM SIGGRAPH 2012 Computer Animation Festival
Pol Jeremias Vila
Pol Jeremias Vila
Computer Graphics Leadership

Pol Jeremias Vila is a computer graphics engineer. He is currently leading rendering at Netflix Games Studio Blue. Previously, he led the development of projects such as Hydra (part of USD) and Storm at Pixar Animation Studios. Additionally, he is a co-founder of Beautypi LLC, creators of and (acquired by Mmhmm Inc).